We offer a wide variety of bird control, pest control and maintenance services for our customers.  Call today 800-210-9514 or 760-758-9747 or fill out our Information Request Form so we can help you determine the appropriate services for your needs.


Custom bird control service quotes
We will survey your pest bird problems then recommend and install the right bird control products to solve it… permanently!

Site cleanup
Bird control products should always be installed on clean surfaces, so we include bird site cleanup as part of our quote. This means that the bird dropping mess you had won’t be there any longer… or develop again!

Parasite extermination
Because of the associated health problem from pest birds, our quotes include parasite extermination to ensure that any health risk arising from your pest bird problems are completely resolved.

Pressure Washing
Our services are available for pressure washing jobs, even if there is no bird problem.

Bat exclusion
Just like our bird control services, we will survey your problem and come up with the right control solution for your structure and situation.