Crow and Raven Control

History: Crows and ravens are loud, raucous birds and this is generally the most frequent complaint about these pest birds. When flocks settle, they often harass people and animals in “their” area. These highly intelligent birds are scavengers and eat a wide variety of foods, including many crops, making them a big agricultural pest bird.

Crow Control Methods: Like gulls and pigeons, crows and ravens can be kept off ledges with permanent bird control devices like: bird wireelectrical deterrents, and bird spikes. For complete crow exclusion from an area, 2″ mesh bird netting is recommended. While a lone scarecrow will not generally be effective, an organized bird scare campaign can have some success. As with starlings and blackbirds, variable noisemakers and other bird scare devices, combined with fogging of an irritant, can be effective in wide open areas like orchards.

To determine the proper crow control product to use, an analysis of the area must be taken so the right bird deterrent product can be selected. There are some bird repellants that are very effective if the crows are using the problem area as a sunning spot, while others are more effective in roosting and nesting situations.

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