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Avishock™ is the leading brand of electric bird deterrent, offering a discreet alternative to traditionally obtrusive methods of protecting both new and old buildings. Avishock™ is made up of a number of components, ensuring that each system is designed to perfectly suit the application. Each system includes

the following main components:


Energiser – This sends a pulse of electricity along the Avishock™ track every 1.3 seconds

Connectors – These allow the track

to be joined together (e.g. on a corner) and connected to the leadwire

Lead wire – This securely connects the energiser to the track



Uses Application


Avishock™ has been used extensively worldwide for many years on a wide range of projects, from large commercial facilities to protected heritage sites.


  1. 1. Assembly and Installation

1.1 Avishock™ components are provided in finished form and do not require any assembly.

1.2 It is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s installation guide to ensure that the track is wired to an energizer in the appropriate manner. Please see below for a basic installation overview.

1.2.1     Examine installation area. Notify architect of detrimental work conditions. Do not proceed until

conditions are corrected.

1.2.2     Clean area before installation

1.2.3     Position the Energiser near power source

1.2.4     Prepare Intended Track Location

1.2.5     Install jumper bases

1.2.6     Layout track

1.2.7     Glue to surface

1.2.8     Attach connectors

1.2.9     Attach warning signs

1.2.10    Connect Lead wire to track

1.2.11    Connect lead wire to energizer



Specification Guidelines




  1. 2. Description

2.1 Install Avishock™ on exposed or protected ledges where birds loaf, roost or nest, to prevent damage from droppings and nesting materials.


  1. 3. Quality Assurance

3.1 Obtain technical literature from manufacturer or distributor, telephone consultation and plan/photograph evaluation.

3.2 Utilize certified installation companies in your area who are fully skilled with Avishock™ products, and carry the proper insurance coverage. Utilize labor recommended by Bird Solutions International for especially challenging applications.


  1. 4. Submittal

4.1 Submit manufacturer’s samples, catalog cuts, shop sketches and other descriptive material.


  1. Product Handling

5.1 Protect Avishock™ from damage before, during and after installation.

5.2 If damage occurs to Avishock™, make all replacements immediately.


  1. Products/Materials

6.1 Avishock™ Track

6.1.1     Red Track Commodity Code: 85319000 65 ft. of track

6.1.2     Black Track Commodity Code: 85319000 65 ft. of track

6.1.3     Grey Track Commodity Code: 85319006.1.3.2 65 ft. of track

6.1.4     Stone Track Commodity Code: 85319000 65 ft. of track

6.2 Wires

6.2.1     Black Lead Wire Commodity Code: 85319020 65 ft. of wire

6.2.2     Brown Lead Wire Commodity Code: 85319020 65 ft. of wire

6.3 Avishock™ Connectors

6.3.1     Straight Connector Commodity Code: 3917400 10 1/4 x 6 2/3 x 2”

6.3.2     Conner Connector Commodity Code: 3917400 10 1/4 x 6 2/3 x 3”

6.3.3     Jump Connector Commodity Code: 3917400 8 x 4 3/4 x 2”

6.4 Avishock™ Hardware

6.4.1     Energiser Commodity Code: 8518500 110 Volt Compatible


  1. Acceptable Brand/Distributor

7.1 Avishock distributed by Bird Solutions International, Inc., P.O. Box 927., Vista, CA. 92085, Phone: 800.210.9514; Fax: 760.758.9747; www.birdsolutions.com


  1. 8. Technical Support

Bird Solutions International’s knowledgeable customer service representatives are available to assist in any aspect of

Avishock product selection and installation. Please contact Bird Solutions International at the following information: Telephone: 800.210.9514; Fax: 760.758.9747; Website: www.birdsolutions.com


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December 11, 2020

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