Seagull Control

History: Seagulls are aggressive pest birds that are a regular problem in coastal cities, although they are causing many bird problems far inland in recent years. The buildup of large amounts of their bird droppings can result in structural damage to street lights, boats, car finishes, rooftops, etc. Gulls are noisy pest birds and they also gain complaints for their pesky behavior around outdoor dining areas.

Gull Control Methods: Gull control can be achieved with many different bird control products. Bird control product selection depends on the gulls’ behavior and surrounding attractants like food or water sources.

There are a large number of permanent bird control products that work very effectively as bird deterrents for seagulls specifically bird wire, electrical track deterrents, and bird spikes are effective for protecting ledges, signs and more from these larger problem birds. For large open areas like rooftops or outdoor dining areas where gulls are a problem, the unique Daddi Long Legs bird repeller may be appropriate or a large mesh bird netting or gull wire is very effective at keeping these soaring birds away. To determine the proper bird control product to use, an analysis of the area must be taken so the right bird control product can be selected to get rid of the gulls. There are some bird repellent products that are very effective if the seagulls are using the problem area as a sunning spot, while other bird deterrents are more effective where gulls are roosting or nesting.

Bird Solutions Sea Gull Control Jobs

  • Bird net was installed as a structural bird deterrent against pigeons and gulls on a rooftop at the Oceanside pier. read more
  • Daddi Long Legs bird control product installed as a bird deterrent against pigeons and gulls on a rooftop at San Onofre. read more

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