Sparrow Problems

History: Sparrows are small birds that are a growing nuisance in many urban centers. They are nimble and adapt to our environment easily like pigeons, which allows sparrows to thrive and multiply in our structures. Besides the unsanitary and unhealthy bird dropping mess they leave, sparrow nests often clog machinery, sometimes starting fires, back up gutters, and more.

Sparrow Control Methods: There are two effective methods of bird control for sparrows — bird track electrical track deterrents and bird netting . Both of these bird control products should be installed by experienced bird control professionals as any gaps or untreated areas will be overwhelmed by these intelligent pest birds. Bird net is the most effective way to exclude sparrow problems from most areas as it creates an actual bird barrier blocking the sparrows access to the area completely.

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Click here for an example of bird netting used as a bird repellent at Home Depot to protect their checkout area against nesting sparrows.

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