Blackbird, Starling & Grackle Problems

History: Blackbirds, starlings and grackles are all members of the same bird family and the bird control products used to solve the bird problem in a problem area are the same. These pest birds are notorious for their huge, noisy flocks and their “whitewash” spraying of bird droppings. They aggressively drive out native bird populations and have learned to adapt to city life with its abundance of food and nesting sites.

Bird Control Methods: There are several methods of bird control for blackbirds, starlings or grackle populations. Selection of the best bird control product depends entirely on where the pest birds are locating themselves and the surrounding structures or areas.

Permanent physical bird deterrents like electrical track deterrent products and bird netting are both extremely effective as bird deterrents against blackbirds, starlings and grackles. These bird control products should be installed by experienced professionals so these intelligent pest birds cannot find any open gaps in the bird net or areas unprotected by the bird track.

In some situations, when the above bird control products are not practical for use, random variety bird scare noisemakers can be combined with fogging of an irritant substance (that doesn’t harm the birds — it’s like cayenne pepper to us) in regular and proper intervals as determined by bird behavior specialists. In using products to scare birds, the noisemakers and visual bird scarers must be rotated frequently and should be combined with the taste irritant for full effectiveness.

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